Some Do - Some Don't

There are quite a few browsers available for browsing the Internet.  Even though they must have similar capabilities to be able to display webpages, there are enough differences that not all browsers will display the same things.  Take into consideration that there are different versions of a particular browser and you can see that even for a specific browser, the capabilities are going to be different.  Some differences are operating system specific, i.e., a browser may work differently for Windows 7 than for Windows Vista or other versions of Windows.

Older browsers are more likely to not support things such as JavaScript, however, there are no assurances with even the modern browsers.  Modern browsers support JavaScript automatically, but do allow the user to switch it off. If you have switched JavaScript off but a page requires JavaScript, then you may not realize what you are missing out on. In days of old, some users had concerns over JavaScript, but those concerns are relieved by modern browsers.

We offer features to support the most popular of browsers on the market.  It is good to know what the breakdown of users are.  Rather than keep up with the constantly changing statistics, ...

For an update on browser share, the Wikipedia browser share page is an excellant source of very accurate statistics.

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