I didn't have an image without a cage so I removed it.  This leopard has been released!
This picture can be seen in the collections of images shown for the zoo on page 2 of
If you click on the zoo display image when this cat is shown, guess where it goes?


An example of Alteration/Reconstruction

Note: The animation above creates an optical illusion that you may or may not have noticed.  Since it is interesting, you might like to see it.

Because the image is switching between cage and no cage, the mind has a tendency to want to see a reverse image when the cage disappears.  This causes the background to look darker where the cage was located.  The darker lines fade to blend in with the rest of the background just before the image switches back.  Stare at the cage lines and you should be able to see it.  If not, you might need to adjust your monitor's brightness and contrast settings.  The cage really has been removed.  To eliminate the after-effect of seeing the reversed image, press the escape key while the cage is not showing and you will see that the fake reverse image will no longer be seen.  Because the switching has stopped, the mind is no longer tricked into thinking there is a reverse image.  Of course, you will need to Refresh the page to see the animation again.

Another restoration example

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