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The original One letter gets a star after 10 seconds, then another gets a star 5 seconds later.  The process does not repeat again for 20 seconds.


An example of repeating animation

Finished Result
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Endless Cheetahs
The cheetahs seem to never stop because they never do.  The first cheetahs are merged in with the last so that the process repeats.

The sun was to the left and to the rear, causing the side we see to be darker than would be preferred.  Cheetahs aren't actors so reshooting is not an option... You take cheetahs when you can get them.

The image was made from a film clip of around 13 cheetahs walking abreast coming towards the camera, then filmed as they walked by.  Not all of the cheetahs walked by when the background was similar enough to use.  Can you count how many cheetahs were used?

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