As a client of ours, you become an important advertising source when you tell others of your sucess or pleasure of doing business with us.  When you recommend us, we might acquire a new client as a result.  In those cases, you should get some credit.  We do that by passing on more of the service that you might need for your own website whether it be in the hosting area or in having more content for your website (pages).

For every website hosting referral, you earn one additional month of hosting.  For every full-price website development referral, you earn one additional webpage for your own website.  For every two "price-promotion" websites ($200/page + 11 free), you earn one additional webpage for your website.  To ensure you get the credit, make sure that the initial contact to us includes a statement that they were referred to us by you.

We reserve the right to refuse any work at any time.

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Web Development Services taken on a First-Come-First-Served basis!


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