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We provide our own hosting services in order to free our clients from the hassle of securing reliable hosting services at the right price.  In addition to providing hosting, we add additional services, such as monthly link checking, site monitoring, and we can manage our own co-operative advertising network.

Our plans offers up to 5 Gigs of disk space, up to 40 Gigs of bandwidth, up to unlimited e-mails, and all standard c-Panel options, plus many additional options. The amount of space, bandwidth, e-mail accounts, and other options depends on the plan you choose. Not everyone needs the most space, the most bandwidth, and unlimited e-mails to function. As you grow, you can always upgrade to a larger plan later on. I will work with you to arrange for the best plan without overselling you on the plan you need.

Our service is a pre-paid plan for one year.  Our standard hosting package based on disk space and bandwidth alone regularly sells for $29.99/month, however we charge $14.99/month pre-paid for one year, making a total of $179.88 for the year.  By offering everything in one single package, we are able to eliminate a lot of paperwork and keep the price down. The standard plan allows for 20 pages of website content (regardless of the space needed for those 20 pages up to 5 Gigs) and 5 Gigs of bandwidth. The amount of space needed for your initial web site will determine how much space is allocated to your account. You will have an additional amount for any changes or additions to your webpages as long as an individual web page does not grow to need more than 20% additional space. Should you need to add pages or exceed your bandwidth allocation, we can upgrade the account.

If you can manage your own hosting control panel, wish to administer your own e-mail accounts, load your own content, do your own link checking and site monitoring, then you might be interested in hosting offered in a range of plans.

What you provide

You need to provide us with the files that make up your website if we did not develop the website.  You need to create four (4) original CD masters, all clones.  Each contains all of the files in an operational manner with the main level at the root of the CD.  You will send us two CDs and you keep two CDs.  Store one in a safe place off-site.

We require a 100% of the price before starting to set your hosting up.  Read the Terms and Conditions for more details.

In order to speed up the process, if your website files are small enough, you could send them via e-mail, while the CDs are in shipment to us.  We will still wait for the final CDs to arrive before signing on delivery to you.

Please read the Terms and Conditions, and Disclaimer regarding Web Page hosting issues and prices.  Also read the Host Guarantee.

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For any issues, please send e-mail.