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Every website we create is in the same dilema that they are new on the web, and need advertising to get their website traffic.  Normally, the website owner must pay to develop the website, then find websites to advertise their website on, and very often, in exchange, they have to advertise those websites on their own website.  The time to do this can be extensive, partly just in finding other websites to advertise on.  And think, we already know some; each website that we create.  We could try to get everyone in the same room everytime we create a new website but that doesn't seem feasible or likely.

It is a known fact that the more links you have to your website, the higher the searchengines will rank your website.  Also, the more links your website has to other websites, it is a more important resource, and again the searchengines will rank your website higher.  This means there is a clear incentive to have lots of other websites link to your website.  Likewise, the incentive is there to link to many other websites as well.  The next logical step would seem to partner with as many websites as possible to share links.

To help each of our clients, we decided to create a co-operative advertising network where each website we create could advertise the others.  If each website has a link to all other websites, all we would have is a "link farm", and if you don't know what that is, a link farm is the term that searchengines use to refer to a group of websites that try to link to all the others in order to increase their searchengine rankings.  Guess what?  They figure this one out and bump you back down to where you would be if you weren't in the link farm at all.  If you have just a few "buddy" websites, that is normal so the searchengines do not count that against you.  The exception is when the numbers are exceedingly high.  This is when they consider this a pre-planned linking to increase searchengine rankings.

The searchengines publish their rules and detail the information of what to do and what not to do.  The rules may seem complicated to some but by paying attention to their rules, and not abusing them we have the most to gain.

Rather than each website we create advertise all the others, we create random links to the others.  By using random links, when each website is indexed by the searchengines, they do not see a link farm, but instead see some links to other websites.  Due to the randomness, when those other websites are indexed, they most likely will not have a link back to your website at the time that they are indexed.  If they do link back to your website at that moment, the small number will not adversely affect your searchengine rankings.  The co-opeartive advertising network also has links to websites that weren't created by us so that the ratio is never 1 to 1.  As the number of websites in the co-operative advertising network grows, the ratio stays about the same and there are more websites that can display your link.

By charging less to develop the website in the first place, we effectively buy back real-estate on your website to display the banners in the co-operative advertising network.  To have your banner in the co-operative advertising network, you will need to purchase the "Link to Us" module.

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